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To fill in the form: please enter:

    1. Your full name exactly as you entered them when you registered as a voter (e.g. John Peter Smith). Do not use nicknames or shortened versions of your name (unless that is how you entered your name when you enrolled to vote).

    2. Date of birth

    3. Home phone number (optional)

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    6. Your full address (a PO Box address is not accepted):

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  • Are You Enrolled to Vote?

    • You do not have to be enrolled to vote to join the Party.

    • If you are not enrolled to vote, you may be granted associate membership.

  • If you are a silent voter:

    1. Please check this box if you are a silent voter. 

    2. We would appreciate it if you could provide confirmation of your silent voter status.

    3. This confirmation can be obtained from the Australian Electoral Commission by calling 13 23 26.

    4. Please email this confirmation to the Membership Secretary at

  • If you are a member of another political party:

    1. Please check this box if you a member of another party.

    2. Being a member of another political party does not stop you from joining the Child Protection Party.

    3. We need this information because, if you are a member of another party, we cannot use your name for registration purposes.

  • Volunteer:

    1. Please check this box if you would like to volunteer some of your time to help.

    2. Volunteering to help reduces the workload on Party officials.

    3. Typical volunteer activities include:

      • Helping at fundraising events.

      • Delivering pamphlets during an election campaign.

      • Handing out how to vote cards at polling stations.

  • How did you learn about the Child Protection Party?

    1. Please tell us how you learned about us.

    2. This information can help us better understand how to attract new members.


By submitting this form:

  • You are applying to become a member of the Child Protection Party.

  • You are declaring that you are enrolled on the Commonwealth electoral roll at the address you have entered on the form.

  • You agree to have your name added to our Contacts list.

  • You agree to have your name added to our Newsletter mailing list.



  • We cannot accept a PO Box address. It must be the address at which you are registered to vote, usually your home address.

  • Providing as much information as you can speed up the processing of your application.

  • If you are not enrolled to vote, you can enrol online via the Australian Electoral Commission website.

  • You can verify your enrolment details on the Australian Electoral Commission website.

  • You can obtain confirmation of silent voter status by calling the Australian Electoral Commission on 13 23 26.

  • Your details will not be divulged to anyone. They remain private to the Party Executive.

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